David Merry


David has been regarded as Canada’s premier corporate comic magician for the last thirty years. He has a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canadian Comedy Magic Seminar, is a past recipient of Canada’s “Club Comic of The Year” award and has been nominated at the Canadian Comedy Awards for “Best One Man Show” and “Best Variety Act.” In NYC he won “Best Variety Performer” at the NE Entertainment Corporate Awards.  He has performed on all five continents at over 3200 corporate events, 1400 golf outings and has been to 54 countries with seven of the world’s best cruise lines over his 35 year career.

The Binder Brothers


The Binder Brothers are high school friends from Mississauga who, over the past 40+ years, have played their rock & roll and blues in venues large and small, including The Horseshoe Tavern and The Drake. The Binders won the fabled ‘Bay Street Battle of the Bands’ three times, and have an album on iTunes. Where did the name come from? En route to play a party in Kleinberg Ontario circa 1972, they passed a giant billboard that read: "Welcome to Kleinberg - Home of the Binder Twine Festival”. Before you knew it, they became Bob Binder, Biff Binder, Bart Binder, Book Binder - and thus, The Binder Brothers were born!

Sam Polley & the Old Tomorrows


Formed in Downtown Toronto, Sam Polley and the Old Tomorrows draws their sound from 50’s and 60’s rockabilly licks, old country twang, and Motown swing. With upbeat tempos and grooving beats, you can’t help but get up and dance. Sam Polley has the pleasure of appearing as a special guest on the Jim Cuddy Band Constellation Tour. Check out the bands website for more information at www.theoldtomorrows.com.

Mutual Release


And on the 8th day God said, “Let there be Soul, let there be Funk, let there be Rock”, and so it was. Born of molten rock and hewn from the great limbs of the Primordial Forest, Mutual Release is not but just a band, but something greater: a concept, a philosophy, a way of life. To sleep, perchance to dream. Ay, there’s the rub. To Google quotes from the internet. And those who hear the soulful rhythms of rock and funk are impulsed by the beat into a collective gyration of unbridled gratification. With the power to make ears bleed but possessing the restraint of a gentle African elephant, roaming the savannah and disturbing nary a leaf or blade of grass, they are, Mutual Release!